Context English Spanish (Mexico) State
error.badredirect.msg The server responded with a redirect but did not provide a valid destination URL. Perhaps the server is malfunctioning.
error.schemeredirect Scheme-Changing Redirect
error.schemeredirect.msg The server attempted to redirect us to a URL whose scheme is different than the originating URL's scheme. Here is the link so you can open it manually if appropriate.
error.manyredirects Too Many Redirects
error.manyredirects.msg You may be stuck in a redirection loop. The next redirected URL is below if you want to continue manually.
error.tls Network/TLS Failure
error.tls.msg Failed to communicate with the server. Here is the error message:
error.certexpired Expired Certificate
error.certexpired.msg Connection to the server was cancelled because its TLS certificate has expired.
error.certverify Untrusted Server
error.certverify.msg Connection to the server was cancelled because its TLS certificate does not match the one we trust. Please check if the server has announced a certificate change. If not, it is possible that a malicious third party is masquerading as the server you tried to reach.

The certificate can be marked as trusted in Page Information.
error.temporary Temporary Failure
error.temporary.msg The request has failed, but may succeed if you try again in the future.
error.unavail Server Unavailable
error.unavail.msg The server is unavailable due to overload or maintenance. Check back later.
error.cgi CGI Error
error.cgi.msg Failure during dynamic content generation on the server. This may be due to malfunctioning serverside software.
error.proxy Proxy Error
error.proxy.msg A proxy request failed because the server was unable to successfully complete a transaction with the remote host. Perhaps there are difficulties with network connectivity.
error.slowdown Slow Down