Context English Spanish (Mexico) State
error.gone.msg The requested resource is no longer available.
error.proxyrefusal Proxy Request Refused
error.proxyrefusal.msg The request was for a resource at a domain not served by the server and the server does not accept proxy requests.
error.badrequest Bad Request
error.badrequest.msg The server did not understand your request.
error.cert.needed Certificate Required
error.cert.needed.msg Access to the requested resource requires identification via a client certificate.
error.cert.auth Certificate Not Authorized
error.cert.auth.msg The provided client certificate is valid but is not authorized for accessing the requested resource.
error.cert.invalid Invalid Certificate
error.cert.invalid.msg The provided client certificate is expired or invalid.
gempub.cover.viewlocal This Gempub book can be viewed after it has been saved locally.
gempub.cover.untitled Untitled Book
gempub.cover.aboutbook About this book
gempub.cover.view View Gempub contents
gempub.cover.image Cover image Author
gempub.meta.version Version
gempub.meta.revdate Revision date Published