Context English Spanish (Mexico) State
error.temporary.msg The request has failed, but may succeed if you try again in the future.
error.unavail Server Unavailable
error.unavail.msg The server is unavailable due to overload or maintenance. Check back later.
error.cgi CGI Error
error.cgi.msg Failure during dynamic content generation on the server. This may be due to malfunctioning serverside software.
error.proxy Proxy Error
error.proxy.msg A proxy request failed because the server was unable to successfully complete a transaction with the remote host. Perhaps there are difficulties with network connectivity.
error.slowdown Slow Down
error.slowdown.msg The server is rate limiting requests. Please wait…
error.permanent Permanent Failure
error.permanent.msg Your request has failed and will fail in the future as well if repeated.
error.notfound Not Found
error.notfound.msg The requested resource could not be found at this time.
error.gone Gone
error.gone.msg The requested resource is no longer available.
error.proxyrefusal Proxy Request Refused
error.proxyrefusal.msg The request was for a resource at a domain not served by the server and the server does not accept proxy requests.
error.badrequest Bad Request
error.badrequest.msg The server did not understand your request.
error.cert.needed Certificate Required