Context English Spanish (Mexico) State
heading.fontpack.meta Fonts
heading.fontpack.meta.enabled Enabled fontpacks
heading.fontpack.meta.disabled Disabled fontpacks
fontpack.meta.viewfile View file
fontpack.meta.version Version %d
fontpack.meta.installed Installed
fontpack.meta.notinstalled Not installed
fontpack.meta.disabled , disabled
fontpack.enable Enable "%s"
fontpack.disable Disable "%s"
fontpack.export View fontpack.ini template
fontpack.install Install "%s"
fontpack.upgrade Upgrade "%s" to version %d
fontpack.delete Permanently delete "%s"
heading.fontpack.delete Delete Fontpack
dlg.fontpack.delete.confirm Do you really want to permanently delete the fontpack "%s"?
dlg.fontpack.delete Delete Fontpack Lagrange fontpacks are ZIP archives that contain a set of font files and associated configuration parameters. Once installed, the fonts can be used for document content and the UI. The active fonts are selected in Preferences > Fonts.
fontpack.install.ttf Install TrueType Font Open User Fonts Directory