Context English Interslavic (isv) State
doc.pre.nocaption Preformatted text without a caption Vvodno sformatovany napis bez opisa
doc.fetching Fetching Dostavanje
doc.archive %s is a compressed archive. %s je spakovany arhivom.
doc.archive.view View archive contents Prěgleděti sodržanje arhiva
media.untitled.image Image Audio Download will be cancelled if this tab is closed. Dostava bude odrěčeny pri zamknutju tutoj karticy. Download completed. Dostava ukončena.
audio.meta.title Title Nazva
audio.meta.artist Artist Artist
audio.meta.genre Genre Žanr Date Data
n.bit %d-bit %d-bitny
numbertype.integer integer cělo
numbertype.float float s plavajučeju komoju
hz Hz Hz
feeds.list.title Feed entries Vpisy v tasmě
feeds.list.counts You are subscribed to %zu feed that contains %%s.
Jeste podpisyvani na %zu tasmě sodrživajučej %%s.
feeds.list.entrycount a total of %zu entry The latest refresh occurred just a moment ago.