Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
doc.pre.nocaption Preformatted text without a caption 无说明的预格式化文本
doc.fetching Fetching 获取中
doc.archive %s is a compressed archive.
doc.archive.view View archive contents Download will be cancelled if this tab is closed. 如果本标签页被关闭,下载将被取消。 Download completed. 下载完毕。
audio.meta.title Title 标题
audio.meta.artist Artist 艺术家
audio.meta.genre Genre 流派 Date 日期
n.bit %d-bit %d 位
numbertype.integer integer 整数
numbertype.float float 浮点数
hz Hz Hz
feeds.list.title Feed entries 订阅项
feeds.list.counts You are subscribed to %zu feed that contains %%s.
您订阅了 %zu 个源,%%s。
feeds.list.entrycount a total of %zu entry 共包含 %zu 项 The latest refresh occurred just a moment ago. 刚刚更新。
feeds.list.refreshtime The latest refresh occurred %s. 最近更新于 %s。
minutes.ago %d minute ago %d 分钟前