Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
feeds.list.counts You are subscribed to %u feed that contains %%s.
您订阅了 %zu 个源,%%s。
feeds.list.entrycount a total of %u entry 共包含 %zu 项
ident.usedonurls Used on %u URL 在 %zu 个地址上使用
dlg.confirm.ident.delete Do you really want to delete the identity %s"%s"%s including its certificate and private key files? 确定要删除这个身份吗?
dlg.confirm.unsub Really unsubscribe from feed "%s"? 确定要退订
「%s」吗? Paste a PEM-encoded certificate and/or private key, or drop a .crt/.key file on the window. 在此粘贴一个PEM格式的证书及/或私钥,
或拖拽一個 .crt 或 .key 文件到此窗口。
error.tls.msg Failed to communicate with the server. 与服务器通信失败。以下是错误信息: