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doc.archive %s is a compressed archive. User data archives contain exported browsing history, identities, bookmarks, text snippets, site-specific settings, and fingerprints of trusted server certificates. They can be stored as backups and used for transferring data between devices.
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menu.title.window Window
menu.newwindow New Window
menu.reopentab Reopen Last Closed Tab Show Next Tab Show Previous Tab
menu.movetab.left Move Tab Left
menu.movetab.right Move Tab Right
menu.movetab.split Move Tab to Other Side
menu.movetab.newwindow Move Tab to New Window
menu.window.min Minimize
menu.window.max Maximize
menu.split.merge Unsplit
menu.split.swap Swap Sides
menu.split.horizontal Horizontal
menu.split.vertical Vertical
menu.downloads Show Downloads