Context English Occidental State
doc.pre.nocaption Preformatted text without a caption Un formatat textu sin un rubrica
doc.fetching Loading Cargante
doc.archive %s is a compressed archive. %s es un compresset archive.
heading.archive.userdata User Data Archive Archive del data de usator User data archives contain exported browsing history, identities, bookmarks, site-specific settings, and fingerprints of trusted server certificates. They can be stored as backups and used for transferring data between devices. Archives del data de usator contene li diarium de navigation, identitás, marca-págines, parametres de sites e fingre-printes de fidet certificates. On posse usar les por preservation e por transferter data inter aparates.
doc.archive.view View archive contents Vider li contenete del archive
media.untitled.image Image Image Audio Audio Download will be cancelled if this tab is closed. Descarga va esser interruptet si on clude ti carte. Download completed. Descarga sta completet.
audio.meta.title Title Titul
audio.meta.artist Artist Artist
audio.meta.genre Genre Genre Date Date
n.bit %d-bit de %d-bit
numbertype.integer integer integrale
numbertype.float float comma glissant
hz Hz Hz
feeds.list.title Feed entries Elementes de feedes
feeds.list.counts You are subscribed to %u feed that contains %%s.
Vu abonat %u feed quel contene %%s.