Context English Occidental State
menu.input.precedingline Paste Preceding Line File Saved FILE STA GARDAT Page Incomplete PÁGINE ES ÍNCOMPLET Error Saving File ERRORE GARDANTE LI FILE
heading.import.bookmarks Import Bookmarks IMPORTAR MARCA-PÁGINES
heading.autoreload Auto-Reload AUTO-RECARGAR
menu.reveal.macos Show in Finder
menu.reveal.filemgr Show in File Manager
menu.share Share
heading.file.delete Delete File REMOVER LI FILE
heading.openlink Open Link APERTER LI LIGAMENT
heading.certimport Import Identity IMPORTAR LI IDENTITA
heading.certimport.pasted Pasted from Clipboard COLLAT EX LI PAPERIERE
heading.certimport.dropped Dropped File CADET FILE Audio Reproducter li audio
link.hint.image Image Vider li image
bookmark.export.format.otherlines Bullet lines and quotes are reserved for additional information about the preceding bookmark. Text lines and preformatted text are considered comments and should be ignored. Upload with Titan… Cargar un págine med Titan… Edit Page with Titan…
heading.upload Upload with Titan CARGAR MED TITAN