Context English Occidental State
bookmark.export.format.otherlines Bullet lines and quotes are reserved for additional information about the preceding bookmark. Text lines and preformatted text are considered comments and should be ignored.
prefs.imagestyle.bgfg BG-to-FG
prefs.font.monodoc Monospace font:
error.certverify.msg Connection to the server was cancelled because its TLS certificate does not match the one we trust. Please check if the server has announced a certificate change. If not, it is possible that a malicious third party is masquerading as the server you tried to reach.

The certificate can be marked as trusted in Page Information.
error.ansi.msg This page may not be displayed correctly. It uses ANSI escape sequences to style text, which is only partially supported. You could try using a terminal emulator to view it.
heading.dismiss.warning DISMISS WARNING?
dlg.dismiss.ansi Permanently dismiss warning about terminal emulation on %s?
dlg.dismiss.warning Dismiss Warning